Slot machines

Slot machines - slots online: choose gambling entertainment for your style

More recently, slot machines were a kind of forbidden fruit for entire generations of the domestic gambling public.

Currently, the situation is exactly the opposite: online slots are available around the clock, regardless of a person's location.

A mobile device with Internet access opens up the world of gambling entertainment, even while fishing, filling in the pauses between bites.

Wonderful feature online casino - provision of demo machines, which eliminates financial risks and provides a real opportunity to gain gaming experience and develop your own individual strategy.

Types of simulators

The once popular "one-armed bandit" still continues to be present in the assortment of gambling establishments, but is slowly but steadily turning into a museum exhibit. And the slot machines themselves are being squeezed out of the market by dynamic, beautiful, technological and convenient online slots. Their superiority is observed in all key positions:

  • Entertainment... Modern 3D emulators are characterized by high quality graphics, animation and sound effects.
  • Profitability... The bonus component of online slots surpasses the arsenal of real slot machines.
  • Diversity... The developers of slot machines supplement them with a storyline with a variation in the size of the field or the character composition.
  • Production... Writing programs is a faster and cheaper process than making a "one-armed bandit" and other hardware.

The variety of emulator formats gives the gambling public a guarantee that there will always be a new game to replace a boring machine or even a whole series of games.

Reel slots

This type of slot machines accounts for the bulk of the range of online casinos. Simulators of this type are classified according to a number of criteria:

  • Number of drums... Retro machines have three reels, the modern version is a 5-reel engine. The exception is some devices with a different number of speakers - for example, Lucky Dollars (4) or Farming Futures from Vegas Technology, which holds 7 columns.
  • Number of active lines... The parameter is usually rebuilt by the player up to the upper limit, but sometimes it is fixed at a specific value, like in most NetEnt slots.
  • Prize opportunities... Bonuses on simulators are special Wild and Scatter symbols, free spins - free spins, as well as various mini-games.

Some of the modern online slots are abandoning active lines, switching to collecting combinations based on the principle of adjacent columns. The rule applies here - 2 or more identical symbols must be located on adjacent reels. This increases the number of winning combinations to 1024 and more.

Effect of burning

A popular bonus effect introduced into modern slot machines is to eliminate the elements that make up the prize combination. New symbols take their places, allowing you to win again without an extra bet. In fact, the gambler gets a free re-spin.

Such effects motivate to play slot machines, a concrete example is Gonzo's Quest, a slot from NetEnt with an avalanche effect. Each re-spin is accompanied by an increase in the payout ratio per unit.

Skillful wild

This blessed wild symbol allows you to substitute other symbols for a winning combination. This is a huge help for the player, the slot machines with one single bonus in the form of Wild compete perfectly with others that provide many other Bonus pluns.

For example, a simulator Starburst has one single bonus (Wild), but this does not affect its profitability in any way (RTP - 96/1%). The reason is simple: the appearance of the Wild Symbol results in filling the entire reel with it and free re-spin of the remaining reels.

A new Wild drops out - the effect is repeated. As a result, the slot machine with a single bonus allows you to hit a mega jackpot if there are five Wild Reels on the field.

Other effects of the Wild element:

  • wandering;
  • freezing for several spins;
  • expanding horizontally or vertically ;
  • activation of mini-games.

You can study all the possibilities provided by the Wild Symbol and evaluate their profitability yourself. Web casinos invite you to play slot machines for free, without registration.

Alternative options

Some online slots retain the reel structure, but add additional storylines to the games. Striking examples are provided by the Avalon II assault rifle - Quest for The Grail. Microgaming development provides the player with the following features:

  • Restore Excalibur - the payout multiplier increases up to 6 times.
  • Find the Grail - a cash prize of up to 120,000 coins.
  • Choose a bonus - a meeting with the White Knight promises instant payments, an alternative option - free spins.
  • Visit Avalon - here the player is waiting for the wheel of fortune.
  • Join the battle with the black knight.

Another type of plot slot is provided by the provider Rabcat. The Castle Builder slot machine fully lives up to its name. The rotation of the drums is complemented by an alternative - the construction of locks. Each completed construction brings a narrow and solid cash prize.


The world of slot machines continues to evolve. Developers of gambling software fill online slots with new opportunities. This brings a lot of positive emotions to fans of playing for fun.

For gamers who prefer cash bets, it is important to consider the RTP (Return To Player) index. The return to player ratio determines the profitability of the emulator.

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