Scratch cards

Instant lottery: what the leading gambling software developers offer

An alternative to long lottery draws is provided by scratch cards, where the result is known instantly. It is enough to wipe off the protective coating to find out the size of the potential win.

Even an unsuccessful attempt is easily compensated for by purchasing the next ticket. Relatively recently, scratch cards popular in real life have attracted the attention of gambling software developers. As a result, web casinos are already massively offering instant lotteries online.

Beneficial aspects of the virtual draw

In fact, the virtual and real versions do not have any special differences, however, the online lottery stands out with a number of advantages:

  • Going to the seller replaces loading gaming machine gun.
  • The ticket price varies with the size of the winnings. By increasing the amount threefold, the gambler receives a similar increase in the payout ratio. In fact, the price of a scratch card is equivalent to the rate on the emulator.
  • The online instant lottery has a number of bonus promotions that are not available in a real draw.

The next argument in favor of a virtual scratch card is related to the ability to play for fun. Instant lottery simulators are available both for cash bets and in demo mode for free, bypassing the registration procedure.

Classic solution

The standard version of the virtual embodiment of the instant lottery is presented by Betsoft on the Skratcherz slot. The slot machine offers four types of scratch cards. The cost of each lottery ticket is fixed. Prices range from $ 1 to $ 5.

The emulator is interesting in that it combines both approaches to drawing lotteries online:

  1. Detection of several (pair or three) identical amounts on the whole ticket or in a row.
  2. Divide the card into two fields. The top represents the winning numbers, the bottom represents the numbers on the ticket. Matching options bring the money indicated on them to the player's piggy bank.

For the first type of tickets, the cells immediately contain the prize amounts. On the second, these are only numbers, the size of the win is indicated below. Both types of cards are supplemented with bonus sectors. For the Skratcherz emulator, this is a free ticket.

The disadvantage of the simulator is in the interface. You have to manually erase ticket slots with a virtual coin, which is a bit tedious. This is especially felt after the first ten cards played. The second negative point is the fixed cost of the ticket.

Offer from Microgaming

Both disadvantages of Betsoft slot have been successfully resolved on Halloweenies Scratch slot machine. The scratch lottery simulator allows the gamer to vary the cost of tickets in the range of 50 cents - $ 10. Other features of the device:

  • 9 hidden cells;
  • 5 characters with payout multipliers from 1x to 250x;
  • winning for three identical elements on the card.

The game scheme is the same. The gambler buys a ticket and successively erases the protective layer. The tedious process replaces clicking on a cell. Having found three identical symbols, the player gets a win according to the corresponding coefficient. Additionally, the prize amount is multiplied by the ticket price.

A concrete example: a pumpkin mask is paid for a maximum of 250 times. By purchasing a ticket for $ 1 and collecting three pumpkins, a gamer will earn $ 250. But with a $ 10 ticket price cap, the winnings would rise to $ 2,500.

Another advantage of the Halloweenies Scratch slot machine is the Reveall All button. One press of it instantly opens all cells.

Scandinavian Scratch Cards

Swedish provider Yggdrasil Gaming is known for its variety of instant lottery simulators:

  • Piggy Bank.
  • Sabbatical
  • King For a Day.

Each slot has an identical structure with minor modifications. The playing field is divided into winning numbers and numbers on the card. Prize amounts are awarded for matching options.

A mandatory attribute of Yggdrasil Gaming scratch lotteries is a couple of bonus symbols. It can be one of three elements:

  1. Game logo - instant cash prize;
  2. Clover - all player's numbers become winning;
  3. Coin - the gambler gets up to 20 tickets for free.

An additional advantage of the Scandinavian developer is constant progress in the gambling software market. This allows us to expect new original solutions for scratch lotteries.


There are enough offers from web casinos to play instant lotteries. The player's goal is to choose a slot machine according to his taste, which will help to cope with demo simulators, where scratch cards are sold for free.

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