Roulette strategy

Roulette strategy: from martingale tit to ams crane

It is not difficult to learn the rules of the roulette game. This is facilitated by the democratic policy of web casinos that provide play automatic machines in demo mode: no registration and free.

It is much more difficult to beat a gambling establishment. This requires knowledge of the theory of probability, mathematical calculation, as well as the favor of fortune.

It is not possible to agree with the goodness of gambling person, but to choose the winning strategy of the game in roulette - quite fulfilling the mission. Here the demo simulators of the game will come in handy, where the training is not related to financial risks.

Success is possible but not guaranteed

Naturally, there is no single winning strategy. The most understandable, uncomplicated tactic is the Martingale method. This is not the only name for the algorithm. Other names can be found in the global network. The essence remains unchanged: to double your bet until you win. A concrete example of the Martingale method implementation:

  1. An initial amount is selected, for example, 10 cents.
  2. A bet is placed on any event with a probability close to 0.5 - even / odd.
  3. If the choice was correct, the winnings are taken away, and the amount at stake remains the same.
  4. If you lose, the bet is doubled.

The essence of the algorithm is that the size at stake constantly overrides previous failures. The result is that the winning bet pays for the previous costs. This is in theory.

In practice, the Martingale approach has several disadvantages:

  1. Bet size limit in casino... A protracted series of failures can lead to a situation where the amount at stake reaches the upper limit and cannot recoup the previous costs. So, 7 losses in a row require a 128-fold increase, 10 - a 1024-fold raise.
  2. The player has a lack of funds. A losing streak can bankrupt a gambler before the first win occurs. However, such a situation is unlikely.
  3. Limited use. The technique is used only for events with almost equal chances of winning / losing. In roulette, these are bets on color, high / low numbers and parity.

The result - if you are going to play according to the Martingale algorithm, you must have a good balance on the account and choose an initial bet 100-1000 times less than the limit set at the table. You won't be able to win much, but getting small dividends is quite real.

Adventurous strategies

Considering the risky techniques, it is important to consider one fact. Adventurism in the casino is often justified and can bring profit. One of these strategies roulette games - "Lucky Seven" is designed for a long streak of luck. In fact, this is the opposite algorithm to the Martingale method.

The essence of the approach is as follows:

  • The initial amount is selected on Konu - for example, for convenience, $ 1;
  • if you win, the rate increases by 50% (up to 1.5%);
  • in case of failure, the amount is returned to the original value - $ 1.

The strategy is designed for 7 wins in a row. The logic of the algorithm is clear: if there are black bars, then the hour of luck will surely come. It remains only to get on it. It is more difficult to win in Lucky Seven than in Martingale, but the amount of dividends is more impressive here.

Ams system

The algorithm also focuses on the sequence of successful events. Varying the size of bets using this method is made in accordance with a simple logical chain: the same pair, then its amount. The chain is limited to five links, resulting in a 1-1-2-2-4 formula. These are the odds for increasing bets on continuing wins.

The circuit undergoes a change when the streak is cut. The further algorithm depends on the number of the step at which the player failed:

  • 2 or 3, return to point 1;
  • for other cases, the betting chain is resumed from the third link.

At the first defeat, bets are made according to the same formula 1-1-2-2-4. But now changes to the algorithm are made only upon a successful event. The scheme is identical: a win that interrupted a series of failures before the fourth stage is accompanied by a return to step 1. In other cases, the transition is made to the third link in the chain.

Difference from a real casino

Such schemes are equally applicable for all types of gambling establishments. But roulette simulators in online casinos do not create time pressure. The croupier of a real casino has a limited amount of time for betting, which can lead to an error of a gambler playing on a certain system. Of course, it is difficult to make a wrong bet in the Martingale method, but for the AMC scheme it is quite possible.

The recommendations of the casino regulars boil down to honing specific algorithms on demo machines. The absence of financial risks allows you to choose the optimal roulette strategy for yourself, and subsequently bring it to automatism.

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