Roulette rules

Roulette rules: the modesty of the French woman and the greed of the American

The popularity of roulette significantly exceeds the understanding of the rules and knowledge of the basic varieties of the game. Indeed, the phrases: top, wheel, green cloth are on everyone's lips.

But the differences between the expressions "thier" and "zero spire" are known mainly only to regulars of the casino. However, the rules of the roulette game only seem complicated. You can master any of the versions yourself using demo simulators.

Such slots are available on the terms of complete freedom: free of charge, around the clock, without sending SMS and registration.

Roulette structure and basic elements

In fact, roulette has only two basic components: a top - a wheel with holes, numbers and a ball, and a table containing a rectangular betting field. Sometimes green cloth complements the track. This is an oval for oral bets, the numbers along which are located similarly to the placement on the wheel.

A total of 36 consecutive numbers participate in the game. They are complemented by the sectors standard and double (present only in the American version) zero. The numbers are randomly arranged along the diameter of the wheel, on the table they are sequentially arranged in 3 rows and 12 columns. Each cell of the field, like the sector of the top, is red or black. The exception is zero, for which a green tint is allocated.

Types of bets

European and French varieties Roulette even in this they differ from the American woman. There are three groups of bets:

  1. Internal. Here the chips are placed within the playing field.
  2. External. The chips are outside the main 3 × 12 rectangle.
  3. Oral. The bet is placed on the sectors of the roulette wheel.

The latter is not available in the overseas version of the game. Internal bets with higher payout ratios include:

  • Strait - one number (2.7%, 35: 1);
  • Split - two adjacent cells with a common border (5.4%, 17: 1);
  • Straight - a row of three numbers (8.1%, 11: 1);
  • Angle - a square with a size of 2 cells (10.8%, 8: 1);
  • Line - a pair of adjacent straights (16.22%, 5: 1).

In parentheses are the probabilities for each event and the pay ratios.

In addition, the American roulette model has an internal bet on five numbers: both zeros, and the first street is 1 - 3. The probability that it will play is 6.2%, the prize money is 6: 1.

External bets

Places for them under the chips are taken out of the playing field, which explains the name. There are two types of external bets:

  1. Probability 48.65%, payout ratio 1: 1. These are red / black, even / odd and high / low numbers.
  2. Column and a dozen. Each bet combines 12 numbers, which sets the probability of 32.43%, and the prize money is at a ratio of 2: 1.

A dozen is represented by blocks of four adjacent rows: 1 - 12, 13 - 24, 25 - 36. Small numbers include numbers up to 18 inclusive.

Verbal bets

Some roulette tables have an additional track along with the main playing field. It is an oval with numbers from 0 to 36, the order of which copies the arrangement of the numbers on the top's wheel.

Initially, there was no auxiliary track in the casino and bets were pronounced aloud, which is where their name came from. It:

  • 0-spire;
  • Vuazan de Zero;
  • orfolians (orphans);
  • thier (tier).

In addition to this, there is the usual voisan (neighbors), when the selected number is complemented by a pair of numbers on each side. Certain versions of roulette allow oral Final bet. It covers all numbers with the same last digit, for example: 1, 11, 21, 31.

Casino benefits

The gambling establishment receives the smallest profit from the French roulette - 2.65%. The advantage of the European version is estimated at 2.75%, the American version - 5.2%. The high profit of overseas roulette is explained by the presence of the second zero sector.

The lower coefficient of the French version of the game is due to the application of one of two rules:

  1. Section. When zero falls out, half of the bets placed on color, parity and major or minor numbers are returned to the players.
  2. Jail. Here, the ball hitting the "0" sector leads to an indefinite state of bets with equal chances. They are imprisoned until the next round. If the next move is successful, the bet goes to the gambler with a profit, otherwise the chips will go to the casino.

Therefore, before playing French roulette, it is advisable to clarify which of the above rules is implemented.

Online versions of the game

Roulette simulators are as close as possible to the real analogue. The rules of playing online roulette are determined only by its type, but not by its virtual status. The only difference is that the player's opponent is a web casino. Here you can play both for money and for fun.

Real opponents are present exclusively in live slot machines with live croupiers and studio webcasts. The game on such slots is limited to cash bets.

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