Poker rules

Poker: basic rules of the real version and pitfalls in online slots

In fact, the only component that unites the rules of poker in various versions is the winning combinations and their hierarchy. On the other hand, in card game the rule of natural selection worked. The evolution of poker has highlighted the most attractive version - Texas Hold'em that has been at its peak for two centuries.

Therefore, for a gambling audience aimed at professional growth, there is the only reasonable solution - to concentrate on this type of game.

Combinations and order of precedence

The fundamental factor in playing poker is collecting certain sequences of cards. Combinations start with a tandem of the same denomination - for example, two aces, and are ranked further in the following order (arranged in ascending order of precedence):

  • two pairs;
  • set;
  • straight;
  • flush;
  • full house;
  • square;
  • straight flush;
  • royal flush.

In the absence of a combination for all participants in the drawing, preference is given to the player with the highest card. The set represents three cards of the same denomination, four of a kind - four. Straight and flush have common characteristics. The first combination represents five cards in sequential order of seniority, the second - a quintet of the same suit. The combination of a set and a pair is called a full house. Royal flush - the highest poker hand, represents 5 consecutive cards from ten to ace of identical suit.

Having decided on the seniority of the combination, you can move on to the following categories of poker rules - the rounds and actions of players within the same drawing.

Stages of Texas Hold'em

The game is played with a classic 52-card deck. In the casino, the distribution is carried out by the dealer, in other cases - by one of the gamblers. A special chip - the button - helps to keep track of the sequence of the dealer's player. Rounds are divided into regular and blind, when the first pair of gamers is required to place bets without seeing their own cards. These are the small and big blinds, respectively.

The most common version of poker combines four rounds at the table:

  1. Preflop. Each Gambler gets a pair of cards.
  2. Flop. The table is complemented by three more cards.
  3. Turn.
  4. River.

In the last two stages, one additional card is opened. As a result, the player needs to make a combination using his own hand and the total stack.

Actions at the Texas Hold'em table

Each game round is divided by bidding. The first word is held by the player to the left of the dealer. Each participant in the drawing has 5 options:

  • Fold - refusal to continue playing in a specific round (discarding cards);
  • Check - standby mode, equivalent to skipping a move (available if the game at the table hasn't changed);
  • Bet and Rise - the first and subsequent rate increases;
  • Call - call.

The last action implies that the player accepts the challenge, but does not want to raise the rate further. The final Call after the river triggers the showdown. The exception is the passing gamblers who are not required to show their own hand.

Determining the winner

There are two ways to beat opponents in Texas Hold'em. The first option is to have the highest combination among the remaining participants, the second is to force all opponents to Fold. The latter case is interesting because the winner may not be holding the best hand, but bluffing. In case of equality of combinations for several participants, the amount at stake is divided equally between them.

Online poker rules

Game automatic machines for a long time they were not able to oppose the gambling person of real opponents. Therefore, poker simulators offer a duel against the casino. The opponent of a real player is a virtual dealer.

Most poker simulators do not have a round system. Both opponents receive five cards. Some versions allow their paid exchange, others the purchase of an additional card. There are no such opportunities in the classic online slot. The player sees only the dealer's first card open, making decisions - Call or Fold.

Another feature Online Poker - dealer qualification. The casino continues to remain in the game if there is any combination or pair on its hand: king, ace. This rule only helps the player with a bad hand. The reason for this is the ranking of payments. In online poker, it is not enough to beat the dealer, it is important to make an older hand. For example, a win due to a casino disqualification is characterized by a payout of 1 to 1. A similar amount is awarded if you win with a pair. Whereas a full house has a ratio of 7 to 1, and a royal flush is 200: 1. Similar payouts apply on Betsoft's Caribbean Poker emulator.

Therefore, the lack of qualifications of a virtual dealer can reduce the amount of a gambler's winnings by hundreds of times. This factor should be taken into account when playing online poker.

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