Poker - varieties of card games, from real tournaments to simulators

The primacy of popularity among card games, undoubtedly, keeps poker. The game also does not find competition in terms of the number of variations of the main version. If we talk about the domestic gambling public, then for a long time poker was available only to a limited circle of people.

Affected by the ideology and the banal shortage of decks of 52 cards, which form the basis of the game. Today the situation has changed dramatically. You can play poker in any way: at a real table, on an online simulator, or using live machines.

A separate variation of the game, video poker, is an extremely simplified modification.

Focus on professional growth

A significant motivation for playing poker is the variability of goals:

  • entertainment;
  • filling in temporary pauses - queue, waiting for a meeting;
  • gambling battles with friends for interest;
  • money rates on gaming automatic machines;
  • Professional career - participation in the tournaments with a focus on WSOP.

Poker simulators are the best way to learn the rules of the game, in particular, the most popular version of Texas Hold'em (Texas Hold'em). The choice of this variation of poker is associated with the possibility of professional growth. The most large-scale tournaments, including online competitions, are held in Hold'em.

Version 1 rules

Real Texas Hold'em competitions take place across multiple tables. Their number, as players drop out, gradually decreases to one. The Hold'em round includes the following stages:

  1. Hand - preflop... All participants receive two cards.
  2. Flop... Three cards common to the players are laid out on the table.
  3. Turn... The fourth element is added to the stack.
  4. River... The last fifth card is revealed.

The goal of the game is to collect the best combination using your own hand and the total stack. If several participants manage to do this at the same time, the bank is equally divided between them.

Player actions

Each of the rounds of Hold'em is divided by bidding. During them, participants have access to 5 types of promotions:

  • bet - the first increase in the rate%;
  • raise - again increase the amount at stake ;
  • Check - Power Pass (Option Not available If the rate was raised earlier);
  • Fold - Reset Maps;
  • call - equalization of the amount.

An important element of poker is a psychology. Even without having a strong combination, a professional player can bluff based on the rival card reset.

Poker online

The psychological factor is present only in a real game. Poker simulators are devoid of this component. Here the rival is a virtual dealer, acting without emotion, according to a given algorithm. The gambler's goal is to collect the best combination.

Alternative online version card games - video poker. This type of machine greatly simplifies the task. There is no virtual dealer in the game, and prize credits are issued starting from a certain combination. Usually it is a couple of tens and above. For the gambling public aimed at professional growth, the best choice is poker simulators, then live machines and, finally, real competitions.

Simulators poker

Most of the online slots games are released by four providers:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Betsoft
  • 1X2 Gaming.

The essence of the virtual process is somewhat different. Standardly, the player and casino receive 5 cards, the overall stack is missing, the first card is open at the first card. Gambling takes one of two solutions: raise the bid or refuse. The last option is equivalent to the defeat, the first corresponds to the bank replenishment on the size of the bet and opening the cards.

Casino qualification

You can beat the virtual dealer even without a combination on hand. This is the advantage of the emulator over video poker. Online slots require dealer qualifications to continue playing. Her condition is ace and king, or any combination on her hand.

Lack of qualifications plays a double role. A concrete example: a gambler has a 5 to 1 flush, the casino has a jack high card, no combinations. The result is that the dealer is disqualified, and the gambler's winnings are calculated as 1 to 1. In fact, the player loses 4 bets.

With the maximum combination - a royal flush, the gamer loses even more (99 bets).

Types of poker simulators

You can solve the problem of the dealer's qualification with a strong own hand on the online slot India Poker. Here you can buy cards for yourself or for the casino. The latter option is beneficial when dealer qualifications are required.

Among other machines that allow poker to play online, you can select Ride'm Poker. This is a hybrid simulator and Hold'em. The player receives three cards - flop, followed by the opening of the Tern and Rivera. The dealer's hand in the drawing is absent. The prize charges are made during combinations of two dozen and older.

It's easy to learn other versions of online poker on your own. Demo devices are available free of charge and literally in one click (no registration required).

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