Keno rules

Keno rules: what you need to know when purchasing a lottery ticket

The history of the origin of Keno, according to the most widespread legend, is associated with Ancient China. The lottery also turned out to be of venerable age, since the times of the Warring States, which preceded the beginning of the new chronology, are considered the starting point of the game.

To show the scope of Keno, the Great Wall of China is usually referred to. According to the legendary version, it was the lottery that brought part of the budget for the construction of one of the wonders of the world. It is impossible to determine the credibility of the legend, but playing Keno is quite realistic.

You just need to study the rules of the game and choose a specific type of lottery.

Real draw, e-ticket or online slot

The modern game is represented by all possible forms of gambling entertainment:

  • Real lottery.
  • Online draw.
  • Slot machines.

In the first case, lotteries are often assigned national status. The event occurs with a certain frequency and is characterized by a significant drawback: the winner must give part of the winnings to taxes.

The virtual version of the game is much more tolerant of the gambler... The taxation system is still absent from the global network, which, along with confidentiality, gives the winner the right to dispose of the prize fund at his own discretion.

Another advantage of an e-ticket is maximum information content. The provider provides all the details Keno: Rules, statistics, probabilities of winnings for each type of bets. Final motivation Play online Lottery - draws more often.

Keno rules

The essence of the game is partially similar to Sportloto. In front of the player is a ticket with a certain number of numbers, in which it is required to cross out a set number of positions. A significant difference creates the opportunity to participate in the drawing of an incomplete combination. The gambler does not have to cross out the maximum number of numbers. You can bet on a single position, pair, etc.

How many balls participate in the drawing, other numerical parameters of the lottery, determine the rules of Keno:

  • each ticket contains 80 rooms;
  • falls out of the lottery drum 20 balls;
  • the lottery participant may indicate up to 20 numbers.

In fact, in various versions of Keno, only the average parameter remains stable. The total number of balls changes quite often. For example, in the original version of the game, 120 numbers participated. Then their number was reduced to 80. A number of providers are holding a drawing according to the Keno-70 scheme, where the number of balls is limited to seven dozen.

The player's choice is also not always limited to 20 numbers. Some varieties of Keno only allow 15 or even 10 numbers to be crossed out. It is important to remember that this is an upper limit. Fewer options can be marked on the ticket.

Raffle scheme

The rules of the lottery include the peculiarities of its conduct. The first stage of participation in Keno is the purchase of a ticket. Game providers implement several options for lottery tickets:

  • Straight - allows a single combination.
  • Separated - allows betting on two different groups of numbers.
  • Combined - modification of a direct ticket, combining several betting options, for each of which a separate fee is paid.
  • Traveling - is formed in three consecutive stages.
  • Royal - a variation of the previous ticket.

On the last tandem of options, you can dwell in more detail. The travel ticket is filled in as follows. First, the number of groups of numbers is selected on the card. Further, they indicate the number of combinations. At the end, the total number of bets is written.

The Royal Ticket is an extended version of the travel ticket, where a separate row of winning numbers is additionally marked.

As you can see, the simple rules of the lottery are compensated by the intricate ticket filling system. Much easier to play Keno simulators.

Slot machines

Keno slots provide the player with a standard 80-number lottery field. Emulators implement all three versions of the game, where you can cross out 10, 15 or 20 positions... The advantage of the online slot is the transparent formation of the combination on the ticket.

The player crosses out certain numbers on the main field, while the additional sector immediately displays the payout coefficients, depending on the guessed number of numbers. This greatly simplifies the understanding of the essence of the game as a gambler.

Besides, slots Keno is a good, free exercise machine. Web casinos provide lottery simulators in two variations: demo (free) and cash bets. The first type of machines can be used to study the rules, understand the essence of the game, and also to develop your own strategy.

This will significantly increase the chances of success in the online lottery.

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