Keno: online lottery for professionals, slots - simulators for beginners

The relevance of Keno in the age of digital dominance is gaining popularity. After all, this lottery, like Bingo and Sportloto, operates exclusively with numbers. But the origin of the game, on the contrary, is still shrouded in mystery.

The illogical system of accrual of winnings, when even a ticket without guessed numbers turns out to be a prize, hints at Eastern wisdom. The name Keno openly betrays Latin roots, where quini is five combined.

Indeed, earlier it was just such a number of numbers that brought success.

Modern rules

The cognitiveness of the historical perspective does not raise questions. But for the gambling public, the current state of affairs in the lottery is much more interesting. Especially in the post-Soviet space, where Keno was a good source of income for gambling people "headlong" even at the dawn of the formation of the former Soviet republics, including Russia. At present, when the lottery has migrated to the sites of web casinos and online draws, its profitability has only increased.

Keno's rules, like most gambling games, are rather vague: there are basic principles, but individual nuances can vary greatly depending on the situation. Defining the basic rules of the Keno lottery, there are three main points:

  • Participates 80 rooms (previously their number was 120).
  • Each fourth element is selected - 20 balls in total.
  • The player crosses out a certain set of 10, 15 or 20 numbers.

How many specific numbers a gambler is allowed to cross out is determined by the lottery provider. Interesting fact: in Keno, you can get a cash prize even if there are no guessed numbers.

Resolving the paradox

This discrepancy can be easily explained. Unlike, for example, SportLoto in Keno, a large number of numbers are crossed out (the maximum prize is when all the numbers are guessed). In the maximum version of the lottery, every fourth option is chosen. This creates an incident when it is almost impossible not to guess a certain number of numbers - for example, not to cross out 10 numbers out of 80, which will drop out with 100% probability.

Ticket types

To play Keno online, you need to make a cash contribution. The exception is demo machines, where candy wrappers are the bet, and only positive emotions are the prize.

The online lottery offers several types of tickets:

  1. Straight... The player selects a single set of numbers without exceeding the allowed limit.
  2. Combined... It is allowed to use several sets inside the ticket. Each of them represents a specific combination. Several combinations are played at the group rate.
  3. Separated... Allows you to specify at least two combinations. The difference from the previous option is the size of the bet. The cost of a split ticket is directly proportional to the number of groups of numbers used. For example, if the bet on one combination is $ 5, then on a pair - $ 10.

These are the simplest types of Keno lottery tickets. More difficult, travel and royal variants are popular among professional players. For beginners, they may seem confusing and not very profitable, but this is not at all the case.

How the winnings amount is determined

The main factors that form the prize fund of a particular lottery participant are:

  • The size of the bet.
  • Number of crossed out numbers.
  • Number of hits.

Therefore, the payout coefficients for the same number of guessed numbers may differ. Moreover, the prize table has certain "holes".

A specific example is convenient for the Keno lottery, where you need to cross out 10 numbers on the ticket. Not guessing even a single number, the gambler gets a double reward. The following prize accruals are made when the five numbers match. The coefficient in this case is 5 times. The following is transparent logic:

  • six numbers are paid at a multiplier of 30x;
  • seven - 100x;
  • 8, 9, 10 - respectively, 300/2000 / 10000x.

The gap is observed in the interval 1 - 4, when the player is left with nothing, for example, when guessing 10 numbers out of eighty. But in practice, an increase in the stack of crossed out numbers will shift the "empty zone" and bring the player a profit.

Simulators Keno

The optimal choice for beginners in the world of gambling entertainment is demo machines. This is a reasonable decision, since such machines represent a kind of simulator, where you can get comfortable with non-standard lottery rules without financial risks.

Specific example - game machine Keno from the well-known software developer Microgaming. The slot uses the 15/80 version of the game. The gambler can choose up to 15 numbers. The advantage of the emulator is that it is informative. The demo device in real time displays the change in payout coefficients as the ticket is generated. Each choice of a new number completely changes the system of prizes.

Having mastered the lottery simulator, you can confidently take the next step - participate in the online Keno draws.

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