Card games

The world of card games: how the originals differ from simulators

The arsenal of card games has hundreds of titles, differing not only in rules, but also in geographic origin. The inherent variety is sharply narrowed when the circle is limited to games included in the assortment of gambling establishments.

Another feature of this type of entertainment is the existence of a set of rules. This reduces the popularity of simulators of card games relative to reels. online slots... The pursuit of simplicity and colorful design, especially in web casinos, is paying off.

In addition, it is card games that provide an opportunity for professional growth. Regular poker tournaments solve two problems at the same time: to earn a reputation and good capital.

What gambling establishments offer

Naturally, the greatest interest among card games is poker, in particular, its version of Texas Hold'em. Also, casinos offer the following types of gambling entertainment, where you cannot do without a deck of cards:

  • Black Jack
  • Rami
  • Baccarat
  • Red dog
  • More less
  • Trump

The listed games are presented both in real casinos and on official online sites. But virtual establishments provide the gambling public with more favorable conditions: the opportunity to play card games for free in demo mode and round-the-clock free access.


Play on the territory internet casino represented by several types of devices:

  1. Simulators where a virtual dealer acts as opponents.
  2. Video poker.
  3. live slot machines.
  4. Online tables and tournaments.

The best choice for a beginner is poker simulators. They contain a detailed description of the rules of a specific version of the game, supported by a paytable. In addition, online slots are free simulators at the initial stage of mastering the game.

Popular poker simulators

Surprising fact: the most widespread version of the game is practically not implemented on virtual slot machines. The closest variation to Texas Hold'em is offered by the Ride'm Poker emulator. The player receives three cards - a kind of flop, then the turn and river are opened in sequence. Each round is accompanied by a mini bidding. Of course, the similarity of this slot machine to real Hold'em is very conditional, but other slots do not have this either.

The classic simulator deals five cards to the player and to the dealer, where the bet can only be raised once. Different versions of poker complement the process with a number of extra features:

  • Replacing weak elements of hand - Oasis;
  • buying an additional card for yourself or for a dealer - India Poker;
  • bets on bonus fields.

This provides additional incentives, but does not allow learning the intricacies of playing with real opponents.

Black Jack

This is the second most popular casino offer under the heading of card games. The core of the rules, unlike poker, remains the same for different versions of blackjack. Modifications mainly concern additional fields for rates. On blackjack simulators they often become the main source of dividends, as they have higher payout ratios, up to 5000 times. For comparison, the winnings for blackjack are calculated from a ratio of 3 to 2.


This card game differs in original rules. The player's goal is not to beat the banker, but to predict the outcome. The winning of each of the parties is paid 1 to 1, the result of a draw is 8: 1.

The winner in baccarat is the player who is closest to 9 points. Each participant is guaranteed to receive two cards, maximum three. Points are calculated according to the following rules:

  • Salt - 1.
  • Ten and pictures - 0.
  • Other cards - according to their face value.
  • If the amount exceeds 9, the number 10 is subtracted from it.

The game is very dynamic and does not require specific mathematical skills like poker or blackjack.


A game where the goal is to be the first to leave the table by collecting combinations of cards. Online version - 3-card rummy is presented by Betsoft provider, and differs significantly from the original. On the emulator, the winner is determined by the lower number of points on the hand. The system of their accrual is similar to blackjack, with one clarification: an ace always brings 1 point. Additionally, certain card combinations are canceled. It:

  • couples;
  • triplets;
  • straights of 2 - 3 cards of the same suit.

Bonus the gambler is provided as a mandatory dealer qualification. The banker's hand must have no more than 20 points.

Other card games

Online slots Red Dog, Draw Hi-Low and Top Card Tramps are characterized by dynamism and simplicity. For example, a Top Card Tramps machine win is awarded to the side with the highest card. Such simulators of card games are akin to reel slots, where the main contribution to the player's balance comes from luck, not calculation.

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