Blackjack rules

Rules online blackjack - a detailed manual for beginner hambler

For the older generation, this game, which originated in France, is known as the point. In Soviet times, her rules were known not only by mature men, but also by advanced truants, who traded school classes for basements and attics. However, such romanticism is not in vogue now, besides, the Soviet “point” differs in many ways from the French “vingt-et-un”, starting with the deck and ending with the scoring system.

Today, the popularity of the game is supported by web casinos that provide simulators to the gambling public blackjack on extremely free terms: free of charge, around the clock and without registration.

Basic backbone

Well-known internet casino providers: NetEnt, 1 × 2 Gaming, Betsoft have released many online slots for different versions of blackjack. Despite the variability of the game, the basic rules of blackjack remain the same.

Composition and scoring system

Shuz includes up to eight classic decks - 52 cards (4 suits from deuce to ace) no jokers... Similar rules apply to card game simulators. In particular, the Single Deck Blackjack slot from Betsoft operates with a single deck, the American and European slot machines - six.

The scoring system is extremely simple:

  • Ace - 1 or 11, which is more profitable for the player.
  • Pictures (currencies, lady, king) - 10.
  • The rest (2 - 10) correspond to their own denomination.

Victory is awarded to the player whose total score is closer to 21, but the bust is automatically defeated. The ultimate goal of the game is to score 21 points with a pair of cards. This combination is called blackjack and is superior to other options. If the gambler and the casino have the same number of points, the round ends in a draw with the bets returned to both sides.

The structure of a round on a slot machine

Most online slots offer to the gambler to three hands in the party. It increases the chances to beat the casino, but at the same time increases the rate. However, Gamer has the right to limit the smaller number of boxes: for example, by placing the chips only on one field. When the rate is done by the player clicks the Deal button activating the first distribution.

The virtual dealer deals two cards to the gamer and one to himself, immediately revealing it. After that, the gambler gets 4 options to continue the game:

  1. Dobor one card.
  2. Stand. Transfer to the dealer or the next hand.
  3. Split. The option is available only if the box contains a pair of cards of the same denomination (number of points). In fact, the gamer splits his hand in two, making an additional payment in the amount of the bet.
  4. Double... Doubling the amount at stake. The button is active when the sum of points of the dealt pair of cards is in a certain interval (10 - 11 in the classic version of blackjack). Having doubled the bet, the player can take an extra card (press Hit) only once.

The Split function has its own nuances depending on the version of blackjack. In the classic version, when splitting aces into two boxes, it is allowed to take one additional card. It is automatically surrendered, after which the hand is closed regardless of the number of points. Some versions of the game allow repeated Split, American Blackjack is one-shot.

At the end of the round, the gambler gets the opportunity to clear the fields for bets by clicking Clear, or to play the previous round (the Repeat button).


This is the fifth storyline in the game. The Insurance option is not available until the dealer's face up card is an ace. The essence of insurance is to protect yourself from blackjack at the casino. Indeed, already having 11 points on the first card, the player's virtual opponent gets a good chance to collect blackjack. You can buy an "insurance policy" for half the rate. In this case, for the dealer's blackjack, the player also receives prize money.

Payout Ratios

If the gambler wins, he takes the bet back and receives a bonus amount on top. Its size is determined by the victory conditions:

  • Blackjack - 3 to 2.
  • Insurance - 2 to 1.
  • The rest of the cases are the equivalent of the bet.

You can get higher payout coefficients in the game variations where the online slot contains a bonus field for bets. A specific example is the Super 7 Blackjack machine, where the maximum winnings are calculated at a ratio of 5000 to 1.


The rules of the game are quite simple. The situation is complicated by the presence of various variations of blackjack. As practice shows, it is the online modifications of the game that bring larger winnings. Demo machines will help you to master the variety of blackjack rules in full. Free slot machines allow you to practice any variation of the popular card game.

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