Black Jack

Online blackjack is a dynamic game for every taste: from interest to cash bets

The basis of the popularity of blackjack is simple rules, dynamism and accessibility even for beginners who do not have any special skills and experience. Indeed, playing multiple decks, even for experienced players, makes it impossible to keep track of cards coming out of the stack. Therefore, the chances of winning for beginners and "gambling" with extensive experience are almost the same.

A new wave of interest in blackjack has caused internet casino... Virtual halls of online gambling establishments offer a variety of simulators using variations of this card game. Adrenaline is added by extra fields, the bet on which is much higher than the maximum odds for blackjack 3 to 2.

Basic version rules

Online implementation of the card game is practically no different from its real version. The number of decks involved in the delivery varies according to species, but does not exceed 8. Their replacement is made when a virtual dealer remains a third of the initial number.

Winning conditions

An important nuance of online blackjack is the fact that only two opponents are confronting: a gambling person vs a casino. Reducing the number of opponents simplifies the task: the real player needs to defeat the virtual dealer. There are several options for this:

  • collect blackjack;
  • to be closer to the 21st point than the opponent (without exceeding the specified amount);
  • overkill by the casino.

In the first case, the gambler gets a prize in the ratio of 3 to 2, the rest of the options bring the equivalent of the bet.

Casino restrictions in favor of the player

Classic blackjack simulator Allows the player to see the first dealer card... Additionally, a gambler can buy insurance when her virtual opponent has an ace on his hand. Indeed, this situation creates good chances for blackjack, if the next card is a ten or any of the pictures: jack, queen, king. The cost of insurance is half the initial rate. But if you find yourself at a blackjack casino, the player will receive a bonus at a ratio of 2 to 1.

Another limitation of the virtual dealer is compulsory drawing of cards while the hand has less than 17 points. It also increases the risk of busting the casino. Similar rules are typical for the classic version of the game; some of them may be missing in its varieties. Case Study: Differences between the American and European versions. The overseas model requires the dealer to draw a card if he has a soft 17 (with an ace in his hand), the European model requires the end of the round.

Which emulator to choose

Among the abundance of offers on the gambling software market, two of the most popular developers can be noted: Betsoft and NetEnt. Simulators released by Maltese and Swedish providers present the following versions of blackjack:

  1. Pirate 21.
  2. Pontoon – понтун.
  3. 21 Burn.
  4. Super

Each variation contains an additional field for bets that brings (in most cases) really big wins, up to 5000 cards relative to the initial bet.

Pirate 21

The type of game that has the most winning combinations from the main field. The gambler gets extra chances of winning in the following cases:

  • Your hand has 5 or more cards without busting. The quintet is paid at a ratio of 3: 2, 6 - 2 to 1, 7 (three times the stake).
  • Combinations 6-7-8 or three sevens are graduated similarly. For different suits the coefficient is 3 to 2, the same - 2: 1; peak set - trebling of the rate.

The casino itself can increase the player's winnings on Pirate 21 Blackjack. The combination 7-7-7 collected by the gamer will bring him $ 1000 if the dealer has the first card also a seven, and $ 5000 when the initial bet is at least $ 25.

An additional field in Pirate 21 Blackjack is called "Match". The bet is played if one of the player's first pair of cards coincides with the open one at the dealer. The net winning amount is 4 bets for different suits, and 9 - for the same.

Super 7

Here the interest of a gambler who is accustomed to playing blackjack for money is represented only by the extra field "Super 7". The bet is winning if the first card on the gambler's hand is 7. The more sevens in a row, the larger the prize money:

  1. 3 to 1;
  2. 50 (100): 1;
  3. 500 (5000) brute.

The coefficients for sevens of the same suit are shown in brackets. Payouts from the main bet correspond to the classic version of the game.

21 Burn

A distinctive feature of the machine is that the gamer receives three cards at once: two face down, one hot (closed). The player can open it for half the bet by choosing the Burn option. In this case, the hot card replaces the second on the gamer's hand. Additionally, if there is an ace of spades in place of Burn, the net win will be 7 to 1, the other suit - two bets.

The payouts for winning the main round on Blackjack 21 Burn are capped at 1: 1 odds.


The abundance of varieties of blackjack simulators gives a good chance to choose the version of the game to your liking. Free access to demo emulators allows you to thoroughly study the rules of each variety and develop successful tactics: without registration and financial risks.

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