Baccarat is a simple and profitable way to join the aristocratic guild

The geographical origin of baccarat has not been established. Spain, Italy and France, where the game enjoyed particular popularity in the Middle Ages, claim the right to be the ancestor of the game with equal chances.

During the evolution of Bakkar, the cards changed (the Spaniards used the Tarot deck), the social status of players and even ceased to be exceptionally real. Modern gambling developers filled the virtual halls of the web casino game simulators.


The original version of the game is played without the participation of the dealer. TO baccarat is allowed any number of participants, the main thing is that there are enough cards... A standard deck is used when dealing. It contains 52 cards of four suits no jokers. The game is rarely played with a single deck; in the classic version, several are used, up to 8 decks.

Each player receives a pair of cards and independently decides whether to take another one. This is the fundamental difference between the original baccarat and its varieties. in the casino... Gambling clubs, whether they play baccarat online or real, set the third card rule. It regulates who (gambler or banker) and in what cases can receive an extra card.


The rules for scoring are relatively simple Bakarra cards have the following “digitized value”:

  • Salt - 1.
  • 10 and an array of jacks - king - 0.
  • The rest of the cards are at par.

The winner is the participant with 9 points. If there are none, then the player with the result as close as possible to nine wins. There is no overkill (by analogy with the game of blackjack) in baccarat. Any amount over 9 points is reduced by subtracting 10 points.


Baccarat simulators are produced by many providers. There are three most popular:

  1. Betsoft
  2. NetEnt
  3. Microgaming.

Basic game concept is almost the same. Changes relate to individual nuances, for example, payments and third card rules.

Schematically, on the baccarat simulator, the game is played as follows:

  • The punter player places a bet on the result of the round. He has three fields at his disposal: "tie" - a draw, "bankers" - a banker and "players" - a punter. Upon completion of the bet, the "Deal" button is pressed.
  • Both opponents receive cards alternately. Scoring is in progress. Based on this, the rule of the third card is applied, which can complement the hand of a ponter or banker.
  • The winner is determined.

In baccarat, even with the worst hand, it is quite possible to make a profit. The essence of the online version of the game is not to beat the dealer, but to correctly predict the outcome of the round.


Prize accruals for the bet played are made according to the following scheme:

  • ponter - 1: 1;
  • banker - 0.95: 1;
  • draw - 8 (9) to 1.

The uncertainty about the size of the winnings in case of equal points is caused by the difference in the rules. Some online slots pay the “tie” rate on a higher scale - 9 to 1. The loss of 5 cents from the dollar is due to the commission being charged. Any bet on the dealer in baccarat is paid minus 5% to the casino fund.


The extra card, in spite of its "power", in fact, is not always the basis for winning.

Specific example: there are already 9 points on the hand. In such a situation, the best effect from the third card is not to spoil the result, which requires the obligatory appearance of a dozen or any of the pictures.

To avoid confusion, casinos have introduced strict regulations for the issuance of the third card. First, the points of the ponter are taken into account, which entails three types of actions:

  1. 0 - 5 - the card is given to the player;
  2. 6, 7 - the ponter's hand remains unchanged;
  3. 8, 9 - Dealer can not take a map.

The next stage of the rule is applied taking into account the dealer's points. Here the circuit has a more complex structure:

  • 2 and below - takes the third card;
  • 7 - the banker's hand is unchanged;
  • 8, 9 - does not take a card.

For other cases, it is necessary to take into account the points on the third ponter card. The following are the sums of the banker's points at which the dealer must take the third card:

  • 3 (1 – 7, 9).
  • 4 (2 – 7).
  • 5 (4 – 7).
  • 6 (6, 7).

The scores of the player's third card are shown in brackets. This is the only relatively difficult aspect of baccarat. In general, the rules of the game are simple and understandable even for a beginner, which makes the process highly dynamic.

The disadvantage of the game is the low odds for winning. For those who want to hit the jackpot right away, baccarat emulators are far from the optimal choice.

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